What Is Another Name For An Oval Shaped Projection Map?


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The most common name for an oval shaped projection map is a Robinson Projection Map, but there are other names too including Winkel Triple projection map and the Kavrayskiy VII projection map. As the above maps can be described as pseudocylindrical projections.
And at a stretch the Wagner VI projection can be called an Oval Shaped Projection map too or you may be referring to Mercator's projection, 1659 edition.
But in all likelihood what you are referring to is the Robinson Projection Map, which is a map projection of a world map and shows the entire world at once. For the start it was a compromised project, created solely to show the entire world in one image that was not the traditional and flawed flat image.
Funnily enough it was invented by Mr Robinson (Arthur H. Robinson) in the early Sixties. It has since fallen out favour with the National Geographic Society switching to the Winkel Triple projection in 1998. Many educational institutes followed the National Geographic Society’s lead and adopted the Winkel Triple Projection, and consequently so too did many textbooks in adopting the projection.
Like the Robinson Projection Map, the Winkel Triple projection map is inherently flawed, but offers fewer distortions in distance and in fact was hypothesized and produced before the Robinson Projection map in 1921. Depending to whom you ask, the Winkel Triple projection map offers the least skewedness of any projection, but that of course depends on the criteria consulted.
If you are in Russia then you’d be looking at a Kavrayskiy VII projection map, a 1939 construction by, you guessed it, Mr Kavrayskiy. Again, like the Robinson projection, it is a compromise intended to produce good quality maps with low distortion overall.
The Wagner VI projection map like all the projections mentioned above is a compromise projection, not having any special attributes other than a pleasing, low distortion appearance.
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The method for mapping the earth on a level plane is known as map projection and an oval shaped map projection is known as Robinson Projection Map.

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