Where Do We Get The Sasol Internship Forms?


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Applications for Sasol internships, or bursaries, can be done online on the Sasol bursaries website at Here you have the option to register online and begin the application process. After clicking register you will need to specify whether you are applying for an undergraduate or postgraduate position. This response will take you to the relevant form where you will be required to fill out all of the necessary information. The sections within the application form include; who you are, your contact details, parents contact details, field of study, high school, currently studying, achievements, tertiary education, bursary application. Once you have completed all of the compulsory information within each of these categories the checklist at the side of the page will mark them with a green tick.

Once you have submitted your application there are a number of steps that are carried out in order to choose the successful candidates. After the deadline has passed (typically around February of each year) applicants are short listed to attend interviews in mid March. You will be notified about whether you have got through to this stage via telephone or written communication. These interviews will take place during the public school holidays and the candidates being interviewed will have to attend a full day session, expenses for which are paid by Sasol. During this session they will be assessed and interviewed as well as take part in psychometric tests. Candidates who are successful in the interview stage will be notified around May. Until these results have been decided there will be no correspondence with prospective candidates. Once interviewees have been contacted to say that have been accepted onto the internship, they will be provided with all of the documentation that is relevant to the scheme and sent a written contract that will need to be signed.

All of the information about Sasol internships can be found on their website at

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