Where Can I Buy 2cb Online?


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Unfortunately 2C-B is illegal to buy for human consumption and therefore cannot be freely bought online. If you are planning on taking the drug you should be fully aware of the dangers you could face. 2C-B is very dose sensitive; a few milligrams more than necessary can produce a tremendous difference in the effect. It is often impossible to know the dose level present in an illicit tablet or capsule.

While most people find 2C-B easier to handle than other psychedelics, the potential for a bad trip still exists, especially with higher doses.

In some people, 2C-B can cause nausea, trembling, chills, or nervousness. Very little is known about 2C-B's pharmacological effect. While nobody has died from taking 2C-B, clinical studies assessing its safety have not been done.  2C-B is illegal. Possession can result in long prison terms.
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