What Is The Difference Between Clustered System & Multiprocesser System?


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A clustered system makes use of multiple CPU's to complete a specific task. It consists of two or more individual systems that are tied together and share the same storage space. They are also closely attached through a LAN network. On the other hand, a Multiprocessor system is a kind of processing system where two or more processors work together to process more than one program at one time. It helps the system to complete  work in shorter period of time.

Following are the differences between the two:

- Multiprocessors are tied together and in clustered system individual systems are tied together.
- LAN networking is used in Clustered system, in Multiprocessing system LAN etc is not required.
- The aim is high availability in clustered system whereas in multiprocessing it is time saving.
- The processors share common system clock and common data structures.
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Multi-processor would be a single system with more than one processor.

Clustered System would be multiple systems joined to act as one.

Clusters generally (used to) run 1 to a few jobs on them as one logical distributed system, usually running the same code per app on all nodes running that app. Distributed systems more commonly run different layers or components of an app on different systems (think Akamai, modern web site, etc).

clustered is multiple machines, each running their own OS and multi-processor is a single machine with one OS, but multiple processors that can be run in parallel. If you want to know in detail, then you can get help from our experts at CodeAvail- Online Computer Science Assignment

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