How Do You Wear In-ear Earphones Properly?


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Anyways.. This is what you should do with these kind of in-ear phones...

1.Take your left hand over your head to grab top of your right ear with left hand's fingers.

2.Pull the top of right ear up. (this will open up your ear hole)

3.Put in your ear phone in while you hold up your ear as directed.

4.While you hold in the ear phone, let go the ear held by left fingers.

5.This should make your ear hole to sort of grab on to the ear phone bud.

6.Do the same thing for the other side .... Just use the right hand over the head instead..

This usually works fine... I taught my friends who couldn't keep the ear phone to stay..
Try this.. Hope this works.. Enjoy music..!!
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By putting it in the hole of our ear.

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