What Is Analytic Deductive Method?


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Analytic-deductive type of inquiry focuses on a
specific theme rather than general idea. It consists of logical consistencies
where only one solution or answer to a problem is expected. This approach is
some time called to-down approach as it originates from general hypothesis to a
particular topic by reducing its assumptions and hypothesis. At the end of the
enquiry there is testing on the acquired hypothesis to do observation for the relevant
theory. At the end of the observation a conclusion is acquired through testing
the specific data from the original theory. This enquiry is also called narrower
natured theory as compared to inductive consensual one as it is mainly related
to the testing of hypothesis again and again till a short and concise theory is
produced. Some numerical calculations are done by using mathematical formulas
where as inductive-consensual is apposed to it. This enquiry focus on objective
approaches because facts are collected and analysed to reach to the solution.

As compare to the above enquiry this enquiry has less
chance of errors in finding the solutions because this used mathematical
calculation to sort out a problem. Similarly it has some disadvantages, so some
experts this enquiry has no flexibility in it nature by using maths in decision
making specially the case or solution is applied to other problems and would be
incompatible. In such situation one case can only be applied the issues of the
same nature, this create rigidity. Another disadvantage is the accuracy which main
base on the person capability, if he is well skilled the more accuracy would be
there in finding if not, mistakes can take place. This is called human formed
errors occurrence, and this enquiry has such drawback. In some case the
decision maker is confused in selecting the appropriate formula which causes
wastage of time. This formula in my opinion is not recommended in finding
solution more than one problem, means where the same theory is applied to
different cases. However in certain case where accurate and limited information
is required, then this enquiry mode would best fit to reach to the conclusion.
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Deductive methods start to solve a problem with a simple concept or known rule and moving further to a more definite conclusion. Clues are given about the conclusion and using the given data plus previous knowledge, one can resolve the mystery easily. The Deductive method is used in
  • Mathematics.
  • Language Arts.
  • Science.
  • Psychology.

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