How Do U Make A Peace Sign On Your Iphone?


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  • The Peace Sign
Try the following two codes: // // // '; or al;kdf lkdjsf ;lk;lkasdjfa;lksdfj;lkajsdf. This may work for the iPhone.

  • The Peace Symbol: A History of the Design
This was reputedly designed by Gerald Holtom who lived between 1914 and 1984. He is said to have produced the symbol on 21st February, 1958.

As a dedicated peacemaker he was involved with the Direct Action Committee against Nuclear War. His pacifism had extended to him deciding to work in agriculture doing farm work as a conscientious objector during World War Two rather than join the armed forces.

Reputedly, the hands downward on the sign is symbolic of peasants being killed by a firing squad; this interpretation has been heavily used by those who oppose the peace movement.

  • Bertrand Russell
It was Bertrand Russell who first adopted the symbol; he supported Holtom's claims and promoted his symbol. It was first made public at an Easter march in 1958 in England. The march had been organized by the Direct Action Committee, with demonstrators marching to Aldermaston from London, where there were weapons research laboratories. Russell was the one who placed the arms-down peace symbols, banners and buttons.

Russell was also interested in the symbolism of defeat, despair and occult significance of being disrespectful to Jesus. American journalist and playwright

Herb Greer states that Holtom didn't think the peace symbol was affirmative enough and that he always wanted the arms of the symbol to be raised up rather than down.

Holtom's last wish was for the peace symbol that he had designed to be engraved on his tombstone, but his wishes were not carried out and his tombstone, which is in Kent in the United Kingdom is relatively unadorned.

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