How To Do A Good Electrical Earthing At Home?


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Get a 4 foot metal pole about a half inch thick. If you go to any professional supply house they are called a grounding rod. Get a sledge hammer and drive it into the ground very close to the electric meter on the out side of your house. Leave about eight inches of the showing above the ground. Get a piece of copper wire about 6 or 8 guage. Clamp it to the grounding rod and very very very very carefully clamp the other end to the ground bar inside the electric pannel. Remenber this is where all the electricity is. Be very very very carefull. Don't electrocute your self. Have someone else there to call for help if you touch something. In case you get caught up in the electric pannel have the other person wear a thick pair of leather gloves so they can pull you free if you get in trouble. If you do not know about electricity I do not reccomend trying this.
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Metal Water Pipe

Step 1

Fasten the grounding clamp to the water pipe in a location that is upstream of the water meter or pressure-reducing devices. Loosen the clamp's fastening bolts, wrap the clamp around the pipe and tighten them down.

Step 2

Loosen the wire connection terminal screw on the clamp with a screwdriver.

Step 3

Insert the grounding wire into the terminal and tighten it down.

Grounding Rod

Step 1

Choose a location to install the grounding rods on the exterior of the home. This is ideally close to where the electrical panel is installed and in a location that minimizes the chances of mechanical damage from lawnmowers or vehicles.

Step 2

Hold the first grounding rod vertical to the ground and install into the earth with the grounding rod driver.

Step 3

Measure 8 feet from the grounding rod and install the second rod, repeating the process for the first rod.

Step 4

Install a copper grounding clamp on each of the grounding rods. Loosen the clamp's fastening bolts, wrap the clamp around the rod, and tighten them down.

Step 5

Loosen the wire terminal on both clamps and fasten grounding wire to both terminals in series. Tighten the terminals down.

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