How Much Does EBay Charge To Sell Used Items?


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Yes. You must pay an 'Insertion Fee' when you list your products on eBay. An Insertion Fee is a fee that you are charged to list your item. It is not refundable and you must pay it even if your item doesn't sell.

If you list your item and it sells, then you must pay a 'Final Value Fee'. You have to pay this fee even if the sale is not completed, hough you can contact eBay for a Final Value Fee Credit. You may be able to ask for this if a seller decides not to buy your item. You do not have to pay the Final Value Fee if your item does not sell.

The higher your reserve or starting price, the higher the Insertion Fee. The same applies to the Final Value Fee.

You can also set up your own eBay shop, but there is a fee for this as well.
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Well! It's a five step process and through these five steps
you can sell your used items on eBay. There are different charges of eBay for
different products but usually 3 or 4 % of the selling price and for complete guidelines
click on the link: Selling on eBay

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