Where Do I Put My Approval Number For Www. Net First Platinum.com?


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I'm afraid that netfirstplatinum.com looks to me like it's a scam. There are a number of people who have asked similar questions and judging by their website and lack of contact details, I can only assume that their website is set up as a trap to steal your money. Furthermore, on the complaintsboard website, there is a post saying that you will be asked to pay an activation fee of $29, but will then never receive a card. My advice is to avoid this website and do not send them money or sign up for a card. Look on a quality website like www.moneysavingexpert.com/cards/ to help you find a credit card that is ideal for you. There are a lot of packages out there, some cards will give cheaper rates if you go abroad, and others will give you different levels of protection from goods that you've bought. Many banks will also give you perks for choosing their card, from free spending vouchers to rewards systems where you can build up air miles for flights. My advice would be that you talk to a number of your local banks and weigh up their pro's and con's against other online packages. Generally, having a card from a well known bank is preferable because it is easy to get help if any issues arise.

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Were do I put my promo code I'm having trouble
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I received an approval for Net first credit line and also approval number code where do I submit the # from the card I received in the mail?
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I don't no

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