What Model Is A Polaris ATV With Vin Number 2317800?


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Unfortunately the number you have is not a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A VIN number is a selection of 17 letters and number, which can be used to determine the exact model of an ATV along with other details relating to production. All VIN numbers follow the same standardised rules to minimise confusion and allow for comparison and understanding. The usual numbers and letters which could be confused with one another e.g. Zero and o aren't used.

The VIN number can be located quite easily and once you have found this. There are websites which can translate this into information about the ATV. VIN numbers are written on a metal plate and usually mounted onto the lower part of the frame. The easiest way to find out what the VIN means is online but there is a general guide to understanding what the most relevant digits represents.

- Digit one tells us the country of manufacture
- Digit two tells us which company manufactured the product
- Digit three tells us the type of vehicle
- Digits four, five, six, seven and eight give details about individual vehicle style
- Digit ten tells us what year the vehicle was manufactured (although it doesn't give an actual date just a number which related to a year)

If you can't seem to find the VIN and need it for ordering parts or other similar reasons, contact the manufacturer direct and ask where they are usually located. If you know the year and manufacturer it is likely that you could order parts using that information.
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The number you gave is not a vin number. A vin number is 17 letters and numbers, the 10th letter from left to right will tell the year. Call your local dealer and give him this letter, and he can tell you the year
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