Where Can I Find Ray Lago's Little Annie Fanny Comics Online?


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You’ll find a huge range of websites that offer these comics for easy viewing, for free or for a small fee in rare cases. All you have to do is go to a popular search engine like Google or Bing, and type in ‘Ray Lago’s Little Annie Fanny Comics’. You’ll get numerous results, most of which should provide you with the comics you desire.

The Little Annie Fanny comic strip was created by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder back in 1962, for Playboy. They found their inspiration for the comic strip from Harold Gray’s ‘Little Orphan Annie,' and the comic follows the escapades of the character Annie Fanny. A tall, large breasted and blonde woman is the focus of the comics, who always seems to find herself naked and in trouble in every episode. The comic was most notorious between the years of 1962 and 1988, when the comic was actually published. It also had a rather short lived rebirth in 1998, but today, the classic comics remain popular and should be rather easy for you to obtain online.

The comic was the most popular satirical comic magazine created by the two men, and was a great addition to the Playboy brand. The overall concept was that the title character was a naive and busty wife, who constantly found herself in rather bizarre situations, whereby lusty men always try to sexually exploit or molest her. Most of the storylines revolved around topical events at the time, which is why many people enjoy reading the comics these days. They represent events that happened decades ago, which can be interested to see rewritten in the form of a sexual comic strip.

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