Why Is The Separation Of Mechanism And Policy Desirable?


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This is simple:

• The computer is not going to be able to choose which programs do different things if the user doesn't want it to. It cannot make any decision that the user is going to want to make and therefore you are going to be in complete control of the situation.
• Processes cannot be completed by the computer itself as the user is going to have to ensure that they have allowed it to go ahead and therefore the machine is not going to be able to dictate what happens and how it happens.

The separation of mechanism and policy is something that is very important. Without it, our home pc would make all of the decisions without even telling or asking us, it would do it by itself. The separation is there to ensure that the machine does not make any decision itself and that we are in complete control. Machines that do not have this separation are robots as they are designed to make decisions for themselves and to be as independent as possible, therefore, there are many reasons why people want to ensure that the separation in still in place and that there is not going to be a computer that doesn't have this separation as we would not be needed!

There is going to be a lot of different information about this subject that you are going to be able to find online as many more arguments are being voiced with regards to if machines should be able to think for themselves more. But you can be sure that your home pc and laptop is not going to do anything that you don't want it to unless there is a problem in the system which is causing it to make certain mistakes which should be able to be prevented.

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