Where Can I Get A Webkinz Signature Timber Wolf Cheap? But,it Has To Include The Tag.I Already Looked On Ebay But Its Really Expensive There.Any Stores?Hallmark Doesnt Have Them So, Does Any Other Store?And A Low Price Would Be Good Too,under $25?


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I REALLY want one too so I can name it kody. I am dating a guy named Kody Wolfe so it would be nice to have one , but I need it to be $25 or under. Someone said they are $16 at Hallmark... Good luck! Tell me if you find one:)
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He Is Really Cute.
He Is Very Hard To Find , And There Are Only Afew Left If You Want One. They Go Fast. Signatures = Endangered.
Not Only In the wild, But In Stores Too! Lol. You can try going on ebay or quibidds, or amazon any online buying website.
But I Don't Like Your Chances Of
US $279.99 
Approximately AU $262.98
US $24.52 (approx. AU $23.03) USPS First Class Mail International For Postage. And that is the only one I can find. But if you buy the red wolf, Thats Only About $20 - $26 US Dollars.
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I can't find one either I have calico cat and small signature beagle I think I have 74 webkinz

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