I Want To Work In Oil And Gas Company In Dubai As An Industrial Pharmacist,any Idea? Details Are Below.


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I want work pls help me out
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the present day, job facility has expanded for globalization. Many people are
finding jobs in other country. Industrial pharmacist is a good and a
respectable job. Those companies need one or two years experience .If you do not
have any experience, get experienced first. Then apply .I think you may get
help from oil field job finder.

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Industrial pharmacy has good scope. You will have to send your Resume to all the companies. You don't have any experience.first of all try get any Job in the company or in any Hospital.when you have 1 year experience and it is written in your resume that you worked there. That thinking will give you edge. I am sending you the link. Here you will find many organization related to your field.
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