How Do U Make Ur Stardoll Medoll Look Like A Superstar When It Isn't?


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It's really easy to make your medoll look like a 'Superstar'
Firstly Hair..
Most of the nice 'Hairstyles' are the once's that can be earnt by
collecting 'Starpoints', you can collect more 'Starpoints' by;
- Commenting on people Albums (not Chain-mail or Spam)
- Dress up celebs (Medolls) & saving them
- Doing new Presentations
- Buy new clothes from the 'StarPlaza'
The more 'Starpoints' you earn the more 'Hairstyles' you get like,
Long Side Plaits / Side Pony-tail / Long Hair with Bang
- So collect 'Starpoints'

Most 'Superstars have all the Make-up you can buy that's why they looks so good,
for the look I am showing you, you will need:
- Black Liquid Liner
- White / Any color Pencil eyeliner
- Black Volumising Mascara / False eye-lashes
Yes, these are 'Superstar only' items, but at one point they were not & anyone
could buy, them so if you have them great, you can do this look- if not I have another
look you can do ;)

1) Get your 'Black Liquid Liner' & use it to coat the bottom left of your eye in a thick
     layer of Black, repeat until the line is even (opposite end to where the pink tib of
     the eye it / pink dot / pink lump)
2) Do this same step on the upper lid (only the top left)
3) Use your White / Any colored Pencil (White is the best product to use) & coat a thick
    layer of White on the pink tip of your eye, only around that little area
4) Use the Black Volumisng Mascara to go over the lashes on the left of your eye
   where you did the 'Black Liquid Liner' top & bottom
- If you don't have the 'Mascara' then use Black False-Lashes to finish the look
  apply to the top eye & this is equally as effective

Look 1- Complete
The picture shows what the end design should be

Now for the none 'Superstar' Make-up look ;)
If you have no Make-up at all, there are only a small range of looks but, my favorite is
this one that I will show you; you will need;
- Black False-Lashes
- Black Nerd Glasses
- Any hair bows / clips

Look at the picture, it pretty much explains its self;
If you have a certain item of Make-up & want me to make a look for you
message me, I have a Stardoll account
My name is ; supersar2256

;) I hope this helps (message me & tell me, I'd love to know)
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Try buying fake eyelashes to make it look like mascara, put loads of tops and dresses together to make awesome outfits, and try to buy stuff which LOOks designer, like kohl's etc...
Buy a podium and put a mannequin, (or free dress form from the Moody club!) on it!! Hope it helped!
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Thx you guys I'm superstar now and I LOVE the look that other person said. Awesome, thx!
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I have short hair and it is black and I have brown eyes brown skin and tall
thanked the writer.
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I want to earn more starpoints and i don't know what to say in my comments. Please help
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You go to starpplatza in make ups and you put make up in your face but you can't take them
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*I wrote the first comment and I spelt my user name wrong, I am called
superstar2256 on Stardoll (;

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