Please Give Some Examples Of The Passive Attacks. Is It A Kind Of Active Attacks Or Different From This Concept Of Security Attack?


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Both of these concepts of security attacks are completely different from each other and as far as the passive security attack is concerned, it has following major kinds:

  1. Eavesdropping

  2. Data interception

  3. Traffic flow analysis
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A passive attack is an information security event or incident based on monitoring or scanning communications, information flows or systems. In some cases, passive attacks are difficult to detect because they simply monitor as opposed to trying to break into a system. The following are illustrative examples.

TappingMonitoring unencrypted communications such as emails or telephone calls (eavesdropping).

EncryptionIntercepting encrypted information flows and trying to break the encryption, like brute-force attack.

Scanning a device connected to the internet for vulnerabilities such as open ports or a weak operating system version.

Traffic Analysis
Monitoring internet traffic to build data such as who is visiting what website.

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