How To Chat With Girls Via Sms?


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Although it can be daunting at first to chat to girls through any form, doing it via SMS can actually be one of the least stressful ways.

Some of the good points about chatting to a girl via SMS are:

• You may not feel as embarrassed or self-conscious as talking to them face to face
• You have more time to think of a great reply
• You can keep the messages and go back over them to see how you are doing
• You may feel braver than you would speaking face to face so may ask them out

The key to successfully chatting with girls via SMS is to keep it interesting and fun. A good way of keeping a text conversation going is to pay a lot of attention and interest in what they may be talking about. Ask questions about the topic and you will find the conversation keeps flowing. If you want to flirt then cheeky little winks such as ;-) will help get the message across.

Take a little time reading their message and thinking how best to reply. It is better to give the best reply possible than just rush it and type the first thing that comes into your head. Some people find it easier to declare their love for someone via text message and many people have even proposed this way.

Although some girls would prefer to be asked out face to face, if you can't face the embarrassment of doing it that way then asking via a text message is better than not doing it at all.

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