What Is Tripod Lab. Apparatus?


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Tripod stands are used for a number of things in a laboratory and are often used with wire gauze or a sand bath.
The tripod stand is a three legged stand that is used to hold a number of things. The name comes from Greek and means three feet. The tripod is used to hold various beakers and other lab equipment and sometimes a Bunsen burner is placed below it to heat things up. These stands are so usually made from metals to ensure they are strong and durable enough for what they go through.
Usually stands are easy to carry as they fold up quite easily; the height can also be adjusted depending on specific requirements and are suitable for a number of laboratory spaces.
The features usually attributed to a tripod are that:

  • It is made from a material such as metal or aluminum
  • That it has a plastic or steel plate
  • That the legs maybe extendable as per needed
  • That the legs can open at different angles
  • Tripods that are adjustable or can be fixed in height.
  • Tripods range in sizes and the height they can adjust to.
There are as many tripods as there are needs for tripods and you can usually find a tripod for any use that you deem necessary. Tripods can also hold all sorts of weights, from small weights that are a couple of hundred grams to being able to hold 100lbs. This all depends on the tripod.
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Tripod lab. Apparatus is a   three-legged support or stand for a wire gauze and a container with liquid to e heated
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A tripod is a stand used when heating lab apparatuses (containers) with bunsen burners

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