What Are The Steps Involved In System Approach To Solve The Problems?


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Systems Approach to Problem Solving

In system approach, normally we use the following steps:

· Define the problem what it is about the system that is not satisfactory. Any changes in input from cost or availability of output unsatisfactory ? What is the objective of the systems analysis effort?

· Understand the system and define it. Because systems are hierarchical and are inter-related with their environment, so they need to follow the system study.

-What are the components of the systems ?

-Understand the each components relationship with the

-What are the constraints / limitations of the system of interest ?

-What attractive exit to achieve our objectives with respect to modifying the system ? What choices are their to improve the system ? What is their cost ? And can they be implemented ?

· Select one of their alterations

· Develop and implement the alternatives

· If need evaluate the impact of the changes made in the system.

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