Why Does Cyber Bullying Happen?


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There is no specific reason for why does cyber bullying happen. Even we see that teens who get caught doing cyber bullying had no involvement with bullies nor did they show violent behavior in school yet they are taking part in cyber bullying. With internet freedom, many of the children thinks that they are free to do anything through this form. They want to open their selves, some victims of others try to show anger, some for fun, and some being inspired by violence seen on games, tv or films. They choose their actions to tease, harass others but they are not aware of the consequences they or the next person will face due to their act of cyber bullying.
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I personally think its cause people are to much of wimps to say it to anyones face so they hide behind a phone or computer. Speak up! Don't let the bullys win!
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Studies show that girls are more likely to be cyberbullied.  Although many boys get bullied too.  Cyberbullying can occur by people you know or people you dont know.  Bullies have found a way of getting to the victim (especially known) outside school and it means there is less likely to be consequences.  Sometimes it  occurs by people you dont know and that is worse.  There is no accountablity and police cannot do much.  Laws are starting to help with cyberbullying.  Its that mob mentality when people are anon online - they can be nasy as hell.  They loose their inhibititions and there is no accountablity so they are as nasty as they can get.  Sometimes bullies misuse the blocking and report botton to cover tneir own actions.  Its also part of all anti-social behavour online inlcuding Forum Bullying (bullyingin online forums by established members toward newbies) trolling, concern trolling, flamebaiting, flaming, cyberharassment, cyberstalking.  many girls do cyberbullying out of jealousy and envy.   Boys do it for fun.  Telling someone to kill themselves is lame - why do that?  Tell them where to go and block them.  

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Be aware of forum bullying too. Read up about it before you sign yourself up on a forum. One of the red flags when moderators step into the threat to tell you off about your opinions and and tell you what to do, what to think or else and their opinion is the one that is the truth and the one that matters. They moderate opinons not the behaviour in threads. Although they are manh more red flags. Google "forum Bullying" people you know or dont know if targetting you out for nasty behaviour is bullying. And remember the bullies try and feint victim by abusing the report and blocking functiion and end up it to win in a flame war or to be spiteful.
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Well if someone was slightly offended about something you said some people lash out and be nastier than you was and sometimes people will pick on you because you might not be as good or they are jealous

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