How To Make A Title Card Catalog?


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A title card catalog can be made on a computer database, or through handcrafted recipe cards or note cards that contain important listings of information. In a proper title card catalog, information will be grouped alphabetically; more detailed title card catalogs may be arranged according to the intricacies of the Dewey Decimal System.

If you want to create a homemade title card catalog for a collection of books or other items, you can simply source out some inexpensive recipe cards at a dollar store, stationery store, or department store. Then, use a smudge-proof ink pen to write down the title of the book, the author of the book, and when the book was published, etc. If the title card catalog is for your personal use, what you write down (except for the title) is really dependent on your personal tastes and preferences. However, each title card should have bold print detailing the information you want to save. When you're done creating your cards, group them alphabetically and store them in a box . If you like, you can make it easy to find cards by putting in spacer cards that stick up, and are marked with the letters of the alphabet.

• To get the hang of creating a title card catalog on your home or work computer, consider learning the rudiments of Excel software ; this popular program is a perfect way to sort and classify information.
• Most people associate Excel with numbers and formulas, but it is also designed to work with text. You can create a title card spreadsheet filled with entries for each book; the system will sort them alphabetically if you program it properly (this is very easy to do).
• With Excel, you can find things easily, and continue adding a virtually limitless amount of records into your catalog.

Excel spreadsheets, or other spreadsheet programs, are excellent record keeping tools. When you need to "find" a title card, simple search the database for that alphabetical entry, and then look for the other information you need.

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