Explain What A Compound Document Is? Discuss Why You Might Need To Create A Compound Document And Give At Least Two Explains Of Potential Compound Documents


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The concatenation of different types of information into a single environment is a "compound document". If linked information is altered, the changes are reflected in the document. Similarly, a compound document may summon appropriate applications to modify linked sources directly. Let's say you made your MS Word document with an "embedded" Excel chart; if the spreadsheet changes, so does the chart in the document. Working on the document in MS Word could also summon a small version of Excel to modify the chart—or even the spreadsheet that provides the chart data—from within the MS Word environment. In another case, let's say a marketing VP is on the road, about to give a presentation 1,000 miles away from the nearest branch office. He gets a call about a change in the sales forecast; it's good news, since the figures are now higher than expected. While connected at his hotel, he logs-in to his secure business network and starts the presentation manager. The slide showing the sales forecast is immediately updated for him. The presentation is updated and ready, and all before breakfast. A web page is but-a-simple example of a compound document. The Web has significant potential to host compound documents using technologies such as Ruby, Ajax, C# and Java. Interactive services—webmail, SAS, and user-based-content—are some better examples of "compound documents" on the Web.
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In computer science, a compound document is a document in which different sections are controlled by different processes, scripts or retrieval/embedding systems.

You may need to create a compound document if you would like to display a photograph from flickr and embed a video from youtube in a single post on your blog. When a reader requests the page, each section is handled by a different system. Youtube queues the video in the embedded player, the client web browser requests and displays a photo from flickr, as it parses the document code (html, javascript,css) that it received from the server hosting your blog.

Another example is this page its self. In which Ads by Google are displayed via a different mechanism than the words you are reading and a different system than the one that provides the login interface for facebook-connect.

Compound document, for a short time, referred specifically to Microsoft ActiveX and OLE formats. At the time of this writing it is considered to be any computerized document comprised of information originating on more than one computer.
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A combined document is the one where you can bring together multiple formats of files at one place. Like on web-page one can place images, graphics, movies, sound and so on.

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