How Do I Get Free Habbo Coins Without Calling?


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I know, go on its free and just do what its say and wait 5 minutes and you got it
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Kay, first you got to ring this number 1902 255 556
then when they ask for a code put this number in 262 527 54
this is a habbo staff/admin code, that they use to send you habbo credits over the phone or anywhere Else.
They go onto one of their prgrams with a list of habbos and they click on yours when you put that code in, they then send you 12 free habbo creds with no charge!
You normallly put your own code in but this is basically a shortcut, your basically being your own habbo staff.
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Just Download The Habbochange Free Credit Program
go on youtube and search habbochange to see there video showing the program
heres the link to the program to download

hope I helped

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