What Programming Languages Are Needed In The Animated Movies Industry?


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A programming language is an artificial language designed to express computations that can be performed by a machine, particularly a computer. Programming languages can be used to create programs that control the behaviour of a machine, to express algorithms precisely, or as a mode of human communication. Special effects in games and movies are either animated in flash for 2D games, or animated in a 3D program and imported into the game. Computer animation can be created with a computer and animation software. Some impressive animation can be achieved even with basic programs; Professional animators of movies, television and video sequences on computer games make photorealistic animation with high detail. This level of quality for movie animation would take tens to hundreds of years to create on a home computer. Many powerful workstation computers are used instead. Graphics workstation computers use two to four processors, and thus are a lot more powerful than a home computer, and are specialized for rendering. A large number of workstations (known as a render farm) are networked together to effectively act as a giant computer. The result is a computer-animated movie that can be completed in about one to five years (this process is not comprised solely of rendering, however). A workstation typically costs $2,000 to $16,000, with the more expensive stations being able to render much faster, due to the more technologically advanced hardware they contain. Pixar's Renderman is rendering software that is widely used as the movie animation industry standard, in competition with Mental Ray. It can be bought at the official Pixar website for about $3,500. It will work on Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows based graphics workstations along with an animation program such as Maya and Softimage XSI. Professionals also use digital movie cameras, motion capture or performance capture, bluescreens, film editing software, props and other tools for movie animation.
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Action Script  for 2D animation ,    MEL and PYTHON  for 3D Animation and Vfx

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Wow, I've heard of some of these! What do they actual do? What's the difference between action script and python for example?
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action script , Mel , Python scripts is a programming language that lets you work more quickly , action script developed by Macromedia it useful for website design programming , 2d animation software for example Adobe flash. MEL is similar to Perl and Tcl , action script and python's almost similar but not exactly . python doesn't work in web browser , but Python work at server-side programming works . i'm using MEL

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