How Did The X-Ray Change People's Lives?


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The advent of X-ray technology in 1895 had an impact on two major aspects of our lives:

  • Medicine
  • Security
X-rays are used to see 'into' a person's body, and this can help in the diagnosis and treatment of countless conditions.

Security-sensitive locations such as airports also use x-ray technology to scan individuals for weapons.

How x-ray changed the world
If you've ever been to a hospital, you may have come across a department called 'radiography'.  Radiography is a term given to the use of x-rays in studying the density and composition of solid objects - like the human body.

Until x-ray images were available, doctors would have had to rely on surgery to discover exactly what was going on inside a patient's body.

These days, x-rays are used in  the following types of diagnosis:

  • Radiography
  • Fluoroscopy
  • CT-scanning
X-rays are also used in radiation therapy for treating illnesses like cancer.

Apart from the medical uses listed above, x-rays have also helped art historians to see what is hidden beneath layers of paint in paintings, and are also used by astronomers exploring space.
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The x-ray changed peoples lives by showing us what is inside the body, to detect cancer and tumors in the body, or just broken bones.
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Prior to the x-ray being invented, doctors had to assess whether bones were broken by direct examination.

Now we can just look at an x-ray

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It helped us because then we could see where to perform surgery.

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