In Google Queries, Do Keywords Have To Be Capitalized?


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Gary Baggs Profile
Gary Baggs answered
It doesn't really matter, but a lot of people bold the keyword term so it's sticks out in the search engines more. Another trick to use is to turn the keyword phrase into a text link. Text links are VERY important, especially when it's your main keyword phrase.

Most websites do this at the end of the article if they can't work into the body of text. For example, if your keyword phrase is "how to grow tomatoes", you could turn that phrase into a link at the bottom of the page like this "back to how to grow tomatoes home page." As long as the main phrase is in text you're good to go.
Ricky Tech Profile
Ricky Tech answered
Sometimes the search in Google is case sensitive but most of the time it doesn't make any differences.

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