Difference Between Demultiplexer & Decoder, Who Can Help?


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Simply, A decoder takes a scrambled or encrypted signal and decodes it. A demultiplexer is a device used to separate two or more signals that were previously combined by a compatible multiplexer and transmitted over a single channel.
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both recorder and demultiplexer has
1 Input Line, some address lines to select one output from may and the input is available at that selected output only...Now i am confused difference lies where in both of them
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a decoder basically takes n input signals and correspondingly generates 2^n output signal
whereas demultiplexer takes 1 input signal and correspondingly generates 2^n output
and remember1 thing always..............
there are n selection lines in the multiplexer which decide which output signal to be activate momentarily
whereas in the decoder there are no selection lines but the instantaneous bit combination of the incoming signal decides which output line will activate instantaneously
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A decoder rearranges a single signal into a more usable signal.

A de-multiplexer splits one compound signal into many signals.

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