How Consumer Behavior Affects Mobile Phones Purchase Decision?


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I think, first of all, mobile phones should be launced by keeping in mind the choices of demographies of that area e.g., their affordability level, GSM/CDMA,3G penetration in that country, the features in mobile most demanded by majority in that country because these are the things that affects the consumer behavior.
If you are launching a very cheap rated mobile in a country with very low GSM/3G,CDMAetc Penetration then obviously your sale will be low. Same is the case when you are launching a very expensive phone in a country with low affordability of majority & When it comes features e.g., If you are launching a phone with 5 mega pixel camera but majority there prefer music player+5mega pixel camera then of course you sale will be low.
That is how Consumer Behavior effects mobile phone sales.
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If consumer is happy with you product features & performance he will by it. If it does not satisfy him he not.

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