Who Did Langston Higgins Cheat On For Bebe?


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Do you mean who did Langston Higgins cheat with when he was supposed to be going out with Bebe? If that is the question then there is more than one answer because he cheated on her more than once!

According to some comments posted on Wikipedia for other websites Langston Higgins cheated on his girlfriend three times. The girls he cheated with are called Jasmine Villegas and Kiersey Clemons. Apparently both of these girls also used to go out with Justin Beiber.

There are also some videos that have been posted online that apparently show Langdon cheating; have a look at this video that has been posted on YouTube:
After word of the cheating spread, Bebe and Langston broke up and then got back together again. They continued to have an on/off relationship for a while. The relationship finally ended when Langston posted a comment on Twitter saying they were no longer a couple.

Although this is all speculation and people can easily get carried away with the facts, the only two people who know exactly what happened are Langston and Bebe. It is unlikely they are going to spill the beans on their personal lives any time soon and they are no longer together so it doesn't really matter anyway.

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