How Can I Determine Cable Size?


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Let say if ampere 100amps what are best cable size
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Cable size? Not quite sure we understand your question. Electrical wire is measured by the thickness of the core wire (AWG or American Wire Gauge). This measurement is used in the US and many other countries. The larger the core wire, the bigger the gauge number (12 gauge is smaller than 14 gauge). You can always do a google search to get more understand of what I am referring to.
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I'm afraid it is the opposite: the higher the number, the smaller the gauge (thinner wire). The thicker the wire, the more current it can carry without overheating. Also the longer the run, the less current should be allowed to pass, or else use a heavier gauge (smaller no.) wire. I'm sure you can find charts in a book or from the Internet to guide you. For short runs and small appliances such as a table lamp, 14 ga. is sufficient. Otherwise, use 12 ga. for higher capacity, safety and to avoid flicker, in your TV, for example.
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Sorry to confuse it. I knew that but as I typed it (and the way my brain is acustom to think) it came out backwards.

I must disagree with you however on what makes a tube type TV flicker. As with PC monitors and TVs, it is the refresh rate that is partially determined by the frequency of electricity. The 60 Hz. that is used in the US causes a slower refresh rate and thus, the flicker that you see. The newer LCD, and plasma monitors and TVs have built in things to reduce or eliminate this issue.

Again, sorry for the confusion as it was about 2 in the morning when I answered that.
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The flicker I was referring to is the kind caused by a drop in voltage, that happens when a refrigerator kicks in, for example, that makes lights dim momentarily. You are more aware of it when you're watching TV, that's all. I wasn't talking about the refresh rate which is really not as noticeable.

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