How To Apply For Harris County Gold Card Online?


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A Harris County Gold Card may be obtained by applying to the Harris County Hospital District; at this point, there is no way to apply for the service over the Internet, but this may change in the future. Staff of the Harris County Hospital District will need to decide which patients will qualify for subsidized care due to financial need or other circumstances. When you qualify under their rules and regulations, you may be issued a Gold Card that helps you to cope with the cost of medical care.

The Harris County Gold Card is issued based on need, and configured according to a sliding scale that allows you to pay either:

• The full amount
• Half the amount
• Co-pay amount (nominal)

You Must Be A Resident Of Harris County To Get A Gold Card

Living in Harris County is a prerequisite of receiving a Gold Card from the Harris County Hospital District - without Harris County residence status (you will need to prove you live in the community), you will not qualify. As you cannot apply for a Harris County Gold Card online, you must contact your local hospital or municipal government to find out the proper procedure for application. All terms must be followed to the letter; you will have to furnish the health care authorities or organizations with your private ID, such as birth certificates and other personal information. 

Once you've navigated through all of the red tape and gotten a Harris County Gold Card, you'll be ready to enjoy all of the benefits it can bring. With this exciting service, you'll find health care more affordable and easy to obtain. If you qualify for a Gold Card, you'll be sure to enjoy the positive attributes of this government-funded card; in some cases, you will pay very little for medical procedures and checkups.

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How to apply a harris country gold card application on line?
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Please help apply for a gold card online.
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I don't have any insurance I can't not afford pleASE CAN YOU HELP ME THANK NELSON DETILLIER
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Yes you can it says that you do not have to be a citizen to qualify for the gold card.
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My mother 62years old. She has green card, she doesn't work, she can apply the gold card?

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