Explain The Purpose Of The Open And Close Operations?


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The purpose of open and close operations deals with the information relating to selected items in your computer. They are commonly connected with the windows. These windows on the other hand have information on the items which can either be a detailed view or a different image. Usually, the existing systems have icon and text items only.

The item or a group of items can be selected and opened through a single open operation. This can be done by dragging and dropping it on the existing window. After that, the window will be pushed in the border and a new open space can be created. By double clicking the boarder, a new window can also be created. Doing this process can allow the user to open multiple windows in a single process.

The open operations also update and notify the system when a file is to be activated. In a file which has 100 blocks, you can assume that the index block is the file control and it is in the memory. You can estimate the number of disk with I/O operations is needed for linked, closest and indexed allocation strategies for one block. In case of a contiguous allocation, you can safely presume that there is no room for an increase in beginning and you can increase it towards the end. You can also presume that the block information can supplement and be stored in the memory. Remember that the block can be added and removed at the beginning, middle and end of the process.

You can close the window by simply choosing the close tab in the menu. A closed window operation can be applied to any windows at any level. A close operation also notifies the system that the file is no longer in use or active. Correspondingly, closing a higher or bigger window will close its sub windows.

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