What Is IBM's Motto?


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For decades, one 5 letter slogan has been given priority over other slogans in IBM. The IBM motto, a one word slogan, "T-H-I-N-K' has thumped a chord in every employee. In December 1911, IBM chairman, Mr. Thomas J. Watson who handled the advertising and sales department, had reported at a sales conference: "The trouble with every one of us is that we don't think enough. Thought has been the father of every advance since time began. 'I didn't think' has cost the world millions of dollars." And with a blue crayon he wrote "T-H-I-N-K", this followed the birth of a very motivating one-word slogan, which was cited in every division at National Cash Register Company. This slogan was later carried into C-T-R, predecessor of today's IBM, where he took over as the general manager in 1914.
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THINK ing   " the basic step before next step "

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