How To Make A Project Report On The Topic Cyber Cafe?


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To make a project report on the topic of cyber cafes, you will first need to consider how you'll make the project more focused, as cyber cafe is a very broad subject matter. 

Then, you will need to plan out the other elements, such as the structure and content, which will form the rest of the report.

You should consider the elements of cyber cafes which you could formulate a report around. You may need to consider the academic field which the project is for when creating your report. Below are a few ideas for how you can make a project on the topic of cyber cafes.

Possible project reports around the theme of cyber cafes

  • Has the increased accessibility of the internet and home computers impacted the use of cyber cafes?
  • How popular are cyber cafes?
  • Are cyber cafes more popular in certain areas of the world, and why might this be? I.e. Developing countries
  • The history of cyber cafes
  • Are cafes and eateries with free wifi the new cyber cafes?

Once you have decided on the focus of your report, you should then make a plan of your project. The plan should consider the main elements of your project report, and the contents of each section.

Your finished project report should include the following:

  • Title
  • Acknowledgements
  • Abstract
  • Contents
  • Introductions
  • Chapters - which cover methods, research, data, and findings
  • Conclusion and Evaluation
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix

Here's a great video which tells you how to make a project report in a bit more detail:

Whilst it's great to do something original for your project, you don't have to break new ground. The strongest project reports will be those done by people who have put in the time to make their project comprehensive, and who gave their project some thought.

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