What Is The Difference Between DOTA & WOW? And Which Do You Think Is The Best Among The Two?


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DOTA plays on the same map every game, and resets your single character that you control every time you play.  You play on teams of 5, and games last about 30-60 minutes.  WoW is an enormous exploration game, where leveling your character and exploring regions is the staple of the game.  

Dota is a much more exclusive and, in my opinion, competitive and strategic game.  In DOTA you are limited to about 100 heroes and 100 items, all of which can be very powerful or completely worthless depending on your hero, other heroes, the flow of the game, etc.  Dota depends heavily on skill and deception, and by the end of the game heroes fight and die so fast that the team who enters with the most coherent strategy/grouping will win by a landslide.  

WoW is, for most players, NOT a game of skill at all.  Battles are more a function of time and items than skill.  The longer you play, the stronger you get or more items you hoard in your arsenal.  Even for pros who reached the maximum level long ago, cleverness, skill and analysis play 2nd fiddle to items and the amount of time devoted.  

DOTA is always started from scratch (so a 6-months player could beat a 5 year player) while WoW would allow a 4 year player to beat 4 6-month players without any strategy at all.  DOTA is by far superior if you're looking for competitive team play, while WoW is better for exploring an immersive world and becoming attached to your character.  
Lastly, DOTA is not for casual players.  Because skill is such a huge factor, you cannot play it well until you know what ALL the heroes do, how their skills work, which items do/cost what, etc.  WoW is much more newbie-friendly.
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Warcraft and world of warcraft is kinda different too.

(1) warcraft
when you play this, you have to build everything you need. Like barracks, the people you need for battle. I mean EVERYTHING. Like a war game but you have to build everything around you.lol almost like being a president of your own country.haha

(2) world of warcraft
it focuses on 1 character only. YOUR character in which you can customize the look and all. You have to level up and choose jobs or whatever. Typical mmorpg.

(3) dota
I could say the easiest. It's like wow's mini-game. (lol)
you choose between preset chars only..the only thing you have to worry about is the weapons you use or whatever. It's like an enhanced war game.lol a battle between other bases.
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DOTA refers to the famous game of Defense of the Ancients. It is a team strategy game that focuses on hero combat. Whereas WOW or World of Warcraft is a multiplayer online game. I think WOW is a better game as you have a number of options for playing it. It is not a real time strategy game so you have time to explore the landscapes, perform the quests, build upon your skills and even interact with other players.
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Hi! I agree with the answers above. I'm playing WOW now, but I used to play DotA. I prefer to play World of Warcraft because I create my own barracks, the people I need to fight. I like this process, and in DotA I play on a ready-made terrain. It's very boring for me. Now in WOW you can find a lot of interesting items that increase the level of the character. I recently bought a new freehold Leveling 110-120 character https://boosthive.eu/. That's awesome! My game became even brighter. Do you buy rare items in WOW to improve your level in the game?

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I think warcraft is a lot better than dota because it is very confusing playing dota.
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I think dota is better becouse its more fun and less serious to get like wow
yes they will call you bot (noob) but its still fun.WoW is game also depending on experience and lvl's so is dota but experienced WOW players have more privileges and items.In dota experienced players have no problem playing with any hero or any mode while starters have only proper heroes for playing.
But as I say I like dota better becouse its more fun

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