What Is Alpha Sequence Test?


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There are alpha sequence tests in many different subject areas including math, science and ICT. That said the most common use of alpha sequence tests is in psychology; in this area they are used as a kind of personality/ aptitude test. These tests are generally used in recruitment, education and employment areas to test the ability of students or staff.

Aptitude tests are designed to examine a person's capability in logical thinking and reasoning; these characteristics are important to many jobs. When used for important or official testing, the alpha sequence tests are generally combined with other personality or aptitude tests including:

• Ink blot tests

This test gives the participant a number of shapes, which resemble randomly made ink blots. The participant has to write down what image they see in these random ink blots. What they interpret the image to be is said to reflect their constant personality. This is a commonly used test due to being so well known and is very useful in the area of psychology and mental health.

• The big 5

This test looks at the five main personality traits, these are; openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism (or OCEAN). These factors are chosen because they are thought to give a wide ranging insight into a person's personality and are thought to be the least influenced by external factors.

• EQSQ tests

This test looks into whether you sway more towards empathizing or synthesizing. The participant is given a number of questions of which they have to answer with 'agree strongly', 'agree slightly', 'disagree slightly' or 'disagree strongly'. These scores are tallied up at the end (usually electronically) and the results will suggest whether a person is more empathizing or synthesizing.

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