Why Is Light A Form Of Energy?


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Light is a form of electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic waves are a type of energy. We can see light almost everywhere. Light is produced and taken in by tiny packets also known as photons and correspondingly, it exhibits properties of waves and particles.

Light is also considered to be a type of radiant energy. It can be detected by the eyes, and it has a combination of electrical and magnetic energy. It is said that light travels very fast- at a speed of approximately 300,000 kilometers per second. Additionally, it passes through both transparent and translucent objects but it cannot pass through opaque objects.

The following are kinds of light:

● The Luminous light, which basically gives off its own light. Examples of this type of light are: Light coming from electrical sources, light from fluorescence, light from incandescence and light coming from phosphorescence.
● Infra Red Light. This type has wavelengths which are too long for the human eye to detect. However, the light can be absorbed by the skin making it feel warm. One good example of an appliance which uses infra red light is the micro-wave oven.
● Ultra violet light is a part of the electromagnetic range. It also has shorter visible wavelength and it has more energy. Ultra violet light is the main cause of sun tans and even skin cancer if one is overexposed. X-rays and gamma rays have smaller amounts of ultra violet light wavelength.
● Solar energy utilizes the solar radiation coming from the sun to be converted for practical ends. It is commonly used to boost and intensify the supply of energy and the conversion of sunlight to practical and functional uses. Examples are: Solar lighting, solar thermal energy which can be used to heat water and space and solar power which converts sunlight to electricity.
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Light is a form of energy and it is considered as electromagnetic radiations. It can be generated from various sources like chemical, electrical and mechanical. The same concept was also proposed by Plank in his theory which says that light consists of packets of energy. These packets of energy are the discrete bundles and are known as quanta. Therefore, when light is reflected on a metal or an element it activates the electrons in the atom and hence increases the temperature of the body. For example, sun is the source of light and when sunlight strikes a body, its temperature increases. One quanta of light is known as photon and its energy is equal to, E = hf = hc/λ. Therefore, we can say that light is a form of energy.

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Light is a form of energy because it is a form of electromagnetic waves and different particles which can be used in certain tasks. For example Sun's light is used to charge batteries it is also called Solar energy. You can get more information from the following link
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All forms of energy have one thing in common- production of HEAT.
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Energy is the ability to do work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Because it produces some sort of affect.
Remember, energy can be changed into different forms, but it can NEVER be destroyed or created.
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Because it produces heat and energy is something that produces something else. I think?
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