How To Get Info On A Globe Electronic Sewing Machine Manual; Model:-937?


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Globe sewing machines are a branch of Bernina Australia. They were made for Bernina and quality controlled by Bernina. Search them for manuals.

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I may be totally wrong, but I have a feeling that globe sewing machines are from New Zealand. I'm in Australia and have just found a globe 550 and can't seem to find anything on this vintage brand, however someone in NZ was selling a mint condish one.
Hope this helps
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Hi, I had misplaced my globe 877 manual so  I had been trying to get a manual online also and it just isn't available for Globe that I found. If you have a problem with the machine look on they have answers for many generic problems with sewing machines. I fixed mine when I went on this site. I thought my machine would have to be looked at by a specialist but I fixed it myself through their great advice.
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This is the website where you would get free manuals of almost all sewing machines. You can locate your model and search for a manual at this website. Pick your model, and get manual instantly online.
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