How Do I Reset The Filter Indicator On A Chronotherm IV Plus?


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So I am guessing you have mislaid the instruction manual? I’m always putting them somewhere safe and promptly forgetting where that safe place is when it comes to needing the darn thing. And what you need to know probably isn’t even in the manual in the first place.

Anyway to reset the filter indicator on a Honeywell Chronotherm IV Plus, you first need to reset the timer by pressing the ‘i’ key until the expired timer is displayed (it should be at 0 days). After that you need to press the ‘up’ key usually indicated by a ‘▲’ symbol to reset the timer (It can be found next to the ‘WAKE’ button). Following that you need to press the ‘Run Program’ key. And that should solve your problem. The display should reset to either 60 or 90 days, depending on the model.

But if the problem is that your Honeywell Chronotherm IV Plus’s display keeps blinking the word ‘Filter’ at you repeatedly, then rather than bashing the thing in you really need to consult your user manual, try this link: ( and scroll down the bottom and click download.

If not then PDF should definitely have the answers to your queries: (

If this still doesn’t solve the problem then you are going to have reach Honeywell directly and you can do so through the contact page on their website:
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Press the "I" button until "Air" shows in the display. Then press the up-arrow button that you'll find behind the dropdown door.

I found it in this manual on page 13 under Resetting Timers.

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