Can You Explain The Importance Of Flow Charts In The Programming World?


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Flow charts are logical diagrams. They aid in determining the logical flow of events and parameters within software. They help in creating a data model that the programmer can use.

By using certain styles and types of boxes to represent questions, logic gates and functions, the internal structure of software can be mapped out before it is actually programmed. 

• History
Flow charts developed within the computer industry primarily as a means of showing the steps involved in a process. They were used then, as now, to show steps in a series of accounting processes within the software. Each flow chart shape represents a step in the program. 

• Simplification.
It must be noted that flow charts are not the actual software; they are simply a developmental technique used to hammer out the basic shape and functionality of software. They make writing software easier as the general chain of events embedded in the software's structure can be seen. A flowchart represents the software in a simplified form, and does not necessarily represent it exactly but rather in a more figurative form. Flow charts essentially make the flow of transactions far easier to comprehend than raw code. They are also far easier to update than code.

• Documentation.
Flow charts are a great help in generating the documentation for software on its completion. By interpreting the order of boxes a user manual can easily be written. 

• Problems.
Flow charts are usually not dated, and therefore do not give an accurate timescale on development. Task duration cannot be ascertained purely from a flow chart. It is difficult also to understand the significance or importance of a task from a flow chart.
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Flowcharts are more effective to visualize something graphically that it is to describe it with words. That is the essence of what flowcharts do for you. Flowcharts are important due to some characteristics such as

  • Communication: Flowcharts are better way of communicating the logic of a system to all concerned or involved.
  • • Effective analysis: With the help of flowchart, problem can be analysed in more effective way therefore reducing cost and wastage of time.
  • Proper documentation: Program flowcharts serve as a good program documentation, which is needed for various purposes, making things more efficient.
  • Efficient Program Maintenance: The maintenance of operating program becomes easy with the help of flowchart. It helps the programmer to put efforts more efficiently on that part
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