How To Calculate CFM Of Air Blower?


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To calculate the CFM of an air blower you will have to know a certain amount of figures. You will need to know the standard cubic flow per minute. Then you will need to find the pressure drop on the order of the psi over the length of the copper pipe involved.
This will not take into account any elbows or reducers or expanders or valves or other potential restrictions which decrease the pressure.
The equation for calculating this is the Darcy Weisbach equation. Here is a site for the equation : The online calculators can be hard to use and you will need some prior knowledge of the figures you are entering. It is advised to do this on an Excel sheet so it does not get too confusing.
Note that if you're adding flow to a line that has flow already, the additional pressure wouldn't drop at all.
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Motor rpm -1400
3 ph induction motor 415v , 40amps
pulley diameter =250
motor pulley diameter= 200
fan diameter =700
no of blade = 12

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