What Are The Classification Of Data-structure?


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Data structure can be defined a show information is organized within a computer system or database. Types of data structure can be classified as:
  • Primitive and non-primitive
  • Homogenous and heterogenous
  • Static and dynamic
  • Linear and non-linear

Primitive data structures are the most basic of data structures. The best example of this type of structure would be the "Integer, character" model. They are commonly used in conjunction with machinery. Non-primitive data structures are abstract and are derived from primitive data structures. Examples of non-primitive data structures include Union, Structure and Array.

Homogenous structures consist of all the same data elements. For example, an array data structure may contain only one type of information. This can be defined as a homogenous data structure. A heterogenous data structure is where different data is held in different fields. Record and Structure are common types of heterogeneous data structure.

Static data structure is where memory and information is added to the data structure whilst it is being compiled. Dynamic data structure is where the information is added after the designing of the data structure.

Linear data structure involves the data having a link or relationship to any of the fields in the data structure. Non-linear data is where none of the elements display a relationship with the data.

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