Where Can You Buy Imvu Credits Really Cheap With Phone?


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IMVU is an online social network that uses a three dimensional virtual world and avatars to allow its users to connect instead of the more traditional list or text based website view, like Facebook. It has also its own online economy - members must buy into the network in order to expand their experience of it, with even your name being a purchasable item. Purchases are made by buying IMVU credits with a credit or debit card, and these credits form the currency of the virtual world, with things ranging in price from the cheap, entry level items like a name, to the more expensive access to the adult sections of the network. It is also possible to make credits by becoming a content creator on the network, though recent changes mean that you now have to pay to sell your content in the marketplace. The economy was also damaged recently by an increase in the cost of credits - meaning items on the network now cost more to purchase than before, with no new benefit to the end user.

There are a number of places online who claim to sell cheap IMVU credits. One that has been around for a while and has reputedly low price is www.lisnevash.com. They sell batches of 100,000 credits for $46.99, whereas the same number of credits will cost you $84.95 from IMVU itself. They have a secure card payment system and transfer your credits to your account within one hour. regnarts.com/imvu/credits/credit-cost-comparison.html is the location for a cost comparison table, showing a number of different websites you can purchase credits from, and what cost you can get them for. Your ability to access these websites from a cell phone will depend largely on what kind of phone you use, but if you own a modern smartphone, such as an iPhone or one of the more advanced Android handsets, you shouldn't have an issue.
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Try http://firstmetaexchange.com/currencyshop/index?virtualCurrency=IC They support payment via mobile from almost all countries
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Its simple as that before buying anything you should compare the price and for it there are various ofPrice comparison site available!!

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I don't think there is a phone number if I was you I would just keep looking but it may take a while especially if you don't live in tha usa
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Ive looked around for websites that do retail imvu credits for a cheaper price with mobile phones. And nothing has came up so far.

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