How Does An Ultrasound Machine Work?


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An ultrasound machine works by emitting ultrasound waves which are high frequency sonic waves above the hearing limit of the human ear. The ultrasound machine works on the principle of echo similar to sonar. It consists of a device known as transducer that emits the waves which pass through the body; the waves when they encounter a change in the medium through which they are passing results in the reflection of some of the waves which are then analyzed by a computer to give rise to an image of the organ being studied, the image is 2 dimensional in nature.

The transducer acts as an emitter as well as collector of the reflected waves. Ultrasound waves can pass through body fluids like blood and hence are useful in determining the presence of plaque build up in the arteries or of clots in the blood vessels. The waves though cannot pass through bones and hence the method cannot be used to study the organs located deep in the body.

Ultrasound waves being non-ionizing involve no hazards and as such can be safely used in all cases though according to recent findings excessive ultrasound scanning should be avoided in times of pregnancy.

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