Where Can I Find Two Girls And And A Tea Cup?


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The video known as two girls and a teacup can be found on the video sharing website YouTube. The 50-second film shows two girls on the teacups at Disneyland. The video is a parody of the now infamous one-minute film that can be found extensively on the Internet, which shows two girls performing a number of obscene, and in many places illegal, pornographic acts..

Two girls and a tea cup is one of many parodies that have been made since the original video was broadcast on the Internet. Some of the other parodies that have been made since include both photographs and videos. Some of these parodies include:

  • 2 Gummy Bears 1 Cup
This is simply a photograph of two gummy bears sitting on top of some ice cream in an ice cream glass.

  • 2 Girls 1 Sub
This video shows two girls sitting on a bench eating a sub suggestively. They eat the sub separately and then take one end of the sub each. They then feed each other the contents of the sub, and then take out a drink with two straws that they proceed to drink.

  • 2 Guys 1 Cup
This parody shows the singer John Mayer, and Sherrod Small sharing frozen yogurt in the same way that the original video showed.

  • 1 Guy 1 Jar
A blogger called Perez Hilton made a parody of the original video in which he simply ate peanut butter out of a jar, again in the same manner as the original video showed.

  • 1 Guy 1 Lunchable
This parody shows a man eating a filling from a lunchable, again in the same manner as the original video.
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Http:// this is the link but fair warning have strong stomach and empty bucket handy
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I heard this too is it true? They kind of deserve to...
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Hey, op its two girls naked making out one in a cup then they start eating the and making out with in their mouths and rubbing it on themselves and such. It isn't really worth watching but now you know what it is so viewed at your own risk.

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