Can You Cheat On Hcg Diet?


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For optimum weight loss, you should not cheat, however, I have learned that if you do not allow small cheats it makes it harder to stay on the diet.  A great recipe that is only a tiny cheat is tofu noodles, chicken and canned tomatoes, cook chicken, mix all ingredients, cook on medium high for about 5 minutes, add garlic, salt and basil to taste, it feels like cheating with only 20 extra calories, no carbs and no oil.  If I need to cheat, I tend to lower my vegetable or fruit portion size, and I drink an extra liter of water a day.  Normally with cheating you will see a slight gain or little to no weight loss.  It is not a major set back, but if you do it to often it can be a big problem.  Good thing is, once you are off the phase 2, you will have some wonderful ideas on how to maintain your weight.

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