What Is The Definition Of Electronics And Communication?


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The Oxford Dictionary describes the word electronics as:

(Of a device) having or operating with components such as microchips and transistors that control and direct electric currents.
According to the same dictionary, the word "communication" has the following meaning:

The imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.
What is electronics?
Electronics is a field that covers pretty much anything that has to do with electric currents and electrical charges.

Items that are often associated with electronics are:

  • vacuum tubes
  • transistors
  • diodes
  • integrated circuits
There are various sectors that are related to or intertwined with electronics. Electrical and electro-mechanical science and technology fall into this category, for example.

What is communication?
Communication is another broad subject that is rather tricky to define. Essentially, communication is any form of contact (or passing of information) between two different points or people.

Example of communication are: Emails, letters, text messages, chat forums, telephone conversations, and telegrams.

As technology advances, the means of communication develop and multiply - which is why communication is closely associated with technology.
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It is nothing but data communication, digital communication, sending information by encoding digitally.

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