What Is Taylor Lautner's Real Facebook?


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Matthew Crist answered
As with trying to track down any celebrity or well know people there is a fine line between an honest interest in that person and delving into what could be private information.

With the success of sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, celebrities have never had a better chance to connect with the fans and people that admire them the most. Some actors, actresses and musicians are very keen to promote themselves through social media sites, usually for promotional purposes, however, some are not so keen for their private pages to be discovered by fans.

More often than not a celebrity will have a commercial site, which will contain information about themselves, what TV shows or films they have appeared in or the music they produce. This is usually run by their management company and has replaced the old fashioned fan club of years gone by. It becomes a little more difficult when you try and locate the personal page of someone, depending on how private they tend to be.

Simply searching for someone's name will often bring up people with a similar name, or even more so, a fake account which claims to be the personal page of the person you are trying to track down and actually has nothing to do with them whatsoever. Also, many celebs will also use a different name for their account in order to remain anonymous which only close friends will know.

All things considered it is pretty difficult to find someone's personal social network page unless you know them personally or are given their details by the person concerned.

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