What Is The Advantage And Dis Advantage Of Television Commercial?


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There are advantages to commercials, with lots of information that can help you to find things to help you, or for location of a product, (where it's sold), services to the community, (such as who to turn to in a time of need), for teens in need of help, maybe they've been abused, or public events for all to see.

There can be alerts in commercials about a criminal on the loose, warning the community to be careful, all the way up to political information in elections.

The down side to commercials, is the ones that feed you with ads for things like diet pills that never work, or sales of items that are fine for the first few times that they are used, and then fall apart on you.

Or phone psychics, they all read from scripts, we know this, but people call them any way, the commercials that ask you to send in your cheap gold, that is supposedly useless now.
I hate the ones that advertise adult conversations, or bad girls on camera, those I think are about the most vile things to see on public t.v.

Of course just about everything out there can be used for positive or negative in society, but in the end, I think it's up to us to monitor ourselves, and with today's society, I think we're losing contact with that.
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Beacause it has stuff that you can see like the news but there could be stuff like porn whitch is sex and stuff

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